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Raquel Maulwurf in De Telegraaf and Den Haag Centraal


Raquel Maulwurf solo exhibition The Carbon War Room at Gemeentemuseum The Hague received a 4 stars review by Paola van de Velde in Dutch newspaper... + Read more

Raquel Maulwurf at Villa La Repubblica


Great review by Albertus Pieters of The Carbon War Room, Raquel Maulwurf's solo exhibition at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag on weblog Villa La... + Read more

Zhivago Duncan in Faith & Fathom, Florence


Works by Zhivago Duncan are included in the group show Faith & Fathom at Galleria Poggiali in Florence. The show is curated by Zhivago Duncan... + Read more

Kcho in Cuban Art Now at Singer Museum


CUBAN ART NOW, currently on view at Museum Singer in Laren, features works by Cuban artists from a private Dutch collection. The exhibition... + Read more

Van Geest, van 't Slot and Schrikker in Masters of Rotterdam


Works by gallery artists Arie van Geest, John van 't Slot and Simon Schrikker are included in the group show Masters of Rotterdam at WTC Art... + Read more

Arie van Geest in Den Haag Centraal and at If then is now


Our current exhibition of Arie van Geest received a great review in local newspaper Den Haag Centraal of 2 February 2017. An interview with Arie... + Read more

Raquel Maulwurf in Panorama Pijbes


"Magistraal", Wim Pijbes about the works by Raquel Maulwurf from the collection of Dirk Berghout in his Dutch TV show Panorama Pijbes, episode The... + Read more

Adriaan Rees in Shanghai Daily


Adriaan Rees's work was featured in Shanghai Daily's review of the exhibition Hidden Sceneries - Floating Memories at ArtCN Gallery,... + Read more

Mark Brusse at Centre Pompidou-Metz


The work by Mark Brusse included in the collection of Centre Pompidou is included in the travelling groupshow An Imagined Museum. Previously on... + Read more