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About Project Berlin

in the summer of 2014, after a pilot-project with Raquel Maulwurf, Livingstone started a new project space in Berlin. For periods of 2-4 months artists will work at the studio in Berlin to create a presentation in cooperation with curator Jeroen Dijkstra. After Berlin the show will travel to at least one other location. This can be the gallery in The Hague, another gallery, a museum or an art fair.  

The solo presentation ‘Colliding Galaxies’ by Raquel Maulwurf at PULSE New York was the first project that was initiated in Berlin (The presentation at PULSE contemporary Art Fair New York was made possible with a grant by the Mondriaan Fund).
For Season 2014-2015 projects have been realized with Adriaan Rees (NL/CHN), Jan Wattjes(NL) and Hugo Tieleman(NL).
In 2016-2017 we accommodated Daniele Galliano(I), Mark Brusse(NL/F), Kevin Berlin(USA/I), Long Bin Chen (TWN/USA), Jan Wattjes (second residency) and Armando Mariño (CU/USA).


The 2017 Livingstone Projects Berlin Prize (a two month residency and a solo exhibition at the gallery in The Hague) was awarded to Ruri Matsumoto (J/D) after her presentation in the exhibition Painting Now, curated by gallery artist and two-time Berlin Alumni Jan Wattjes and Livingstone Projects curator Jeroen Dijkstra, at Livingstone gallery The Hague. 

The next edition of this Biennial award in 2019 will be curated by Livingstone Projects curator Jeroen Dijkstra. The exhibition to precede the award will celebrate five years Livingstone Projects Berlin.

During the upcoming season of 2018-2019 we will present Koen Vermeule (Courtesy Gallery Borzo Amsterdam), Berend Strik (The residency was made possible with a grant by the Mondriaan Fund. courtesy Gallery Fons Welters, Amsterdam), Ingrid Simons, Aaron van Erp (courtesy Tim van Laere Gallery Antwerpen), Frank Ammerlaan (courtesy Upstream Gallery Amsterdam) and Kim Habers (courtesy LANGart Amsterdam).

Livingstone Projects Berlin

ISPP-Berlin (International Studio & Presentation Program)
Curated by Jeroen Dijkstra