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Richard Bouwman edition at Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

'Traces of Fortune', a special edition of 12 giclee prints based on drawings and Polaroids made by Richard Bouwman was recenlty included in the collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris. This box of prints is currently available at the gallery. A selection of the prints from this special editon will be on view in our upcoming group exhibition FACE THE FACE.


In his memoirs “Histoire de ma Vie” Giacomo Casanova depicted his life in an expressive and vivid manner. The life and person of Casanova (1725-1798) inspired Richard Bouwman to create the edition “Traces of Fortune”, which consists in a series of twelve giclee prints. The title-page of the edition presents a giclee print, after a drawing by Richard Bouwman of the young Casanova created in 1996. The print “Giacomo” was executed after a presumed portrait of Casanova at the age of 49, attributed to Alessandro Longhi. The giclee prints of photo images were created on the basis of Polaroids made by Richard Bouwman. Jeroen Noordhoek of FotoVakPrint Rotterdam printed 20 numbered and signed copies of the edition, on 300 g/m², 57x42 cm, Brilliant Museum Satin Matte White 100% Rag paper. Photography and image processing by Krystyna Ziach. Each copy is presented in a linen-covered cardboard box, made by Roest, bookbinder’s in Rotterdam. The boxes are numbered and signed as well.