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Kirsten Hutsch


The works of recent years investigate the relation between the real and the image. It is an inquiry into the nature of human perception and the substance of reality. Across a variety of mediums, these works pose the ambiguity of the essential reality of the physical object on the one hand and the inherently artificial nature of their depiction on the other.The work allows the object to manifest in its actual, material and sensory ambiguity.


Born 1974, Eijsden, Netherlands
Lives and works in Amsterdam

1997-1998 Post graduation Fine Art, Rijksakademie Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1992-1996 BA Fine Art, ABK Maastricht, the Netherlands
1991-1992 Fine Art, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Constantijn Huijgens Kampen, the Netherlands



June 2023 Minimal group exhibition Grasse France

05-08 Oct. 2023 Artnueve @ SWAB Barcelona

Okt, Nov, Dec 2023 Artist in Residence @Livingstone Projects- Berlin

Nov. 2023 Artnueve Murcia (ES) Duo exhibition with Bram Braam

Dec. 2023  Galerie Burster Berlin. Group exhibition

2024 Galerie Burster Karlsruhe (DE). Duo exhibition with Bram Braam


2023: Volta New York booth NL=US Art

2023: NL=US Art Rotterdam #101 group exhibition

2022: Kop 12 Essen (DE) Keeping One Space Clear. Curated by Daniela Risch. Group exhibition with Laura Sachs and Nicola Staeglich

2022: CANART IBIZA Booth Artnueve

2022: L21 LAB Palma de Mallorca, EATING A VEGAN SANDWICH ON THE TRAIN WHILE LISTENING TO COUNTRY MUSIC. , group exhibition curated by Francesco Giaveri. Link

2022Art Rotterdam Booth NL=US Art

2022NL=US Rotterdam group exhibition incl.Jan Maarten Voskuil, Lily de Bont, Gijs van Lith

2021: Solo Exhibition Taped Paintings @ Artnueve Murcia ES

2021: Estampa Madrid ES Booth Artnueve

2021: Idea de una Colección Centro de Arte Palacio Almundi Murcia ES

2021: Group exhibition Structures on Mars in Pictura Dordrecht NL

2021: Artnueve@ e- xhibition ARCO Madrid

2021:               Artnueve @Estampa Madrid

2019:               Artnueve @Estampa Madrid

2019:               Artnueve @Drawing Room Madrid

2019:               NL=US @PULCHRI Den Haag: Surface Tension II Duo exhibition with Esther Jiskoot

2018:               Artnueve, Murcia Spain:The Treshold of the Visible Duo exhibition with Mark Hosking


2018:               NL=US Art, Rotterdam: Surface Tension Duo exhibition with Esther Jiskoot

2018:               NL=US Art @ART The Hague

2016:               Rosalux Berlin, Guest curator: Zu den Sachen Selbst, Incl.; Elspeth Diederix, Ana Genoves, Mark Hosking. EssayThe Hidden Life of Things (dr. Laurens Landeweerd) 

2015 :              PuntWG, Amsterdam. Phantom Limb, Group exhibition

2015:               Schau Fenster, Berlin. The Act Of Painting, Group exhibition

2014 :               Gallery Valeur, Japan, TAOP Group exhibition Nagoya, Aichi

2014:               Casa Sakanoue, Japan, TAOP Group exhibition Hiyoshi, Kanagawa

2014:               TAC Eindhoven (NL), The Act Of Painting. Group exhibition

2013:               Solo show PuntWG, Amsterdam Scannerbed scans and Unpaintings

2012:               Pesthouse editions#1, Amsterdam Reason Swings its Bone

2004/2010:      theater collaborations. a.o. Dick Hauser, Hotel Modern, VvdD.

2003:               Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo (NL), Is de schilder happy?

2001:               Archipel, Apeldoorn (NL) Flash, Duo exhibition with Georges Hanna


2023/26                  Work grant Mondrian Fund, the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage

2023                        Artist Project Grant Mondrian Fund

2022                        Corona Bridging Grant for Artists, Curators, Researchers Mondrian Fund

2021                        Project grand in times of Corona Mondrian Fund,

1999-2003            Work grant Fund BKVB 

1998                        Work grant  Océ n.v. Eindhoven 

1997                        Study grant,   Fund BKVB

Prizes: Emerging Art Prize, 2020, Galleria Banditto (1st prize winner)


Colección ACB de arte contemporáneo, Spain
Océ n.v. Eindhoven NL



2022 Catalogue Homenaje Coleccion ACB Bárbara de Rueda page 60

2021 Essay: Taped Paintings by Javier Sánchez Martinez link here

2021 Article-second issue- the Dutch edition-Ever Emerging Mag Link here

2014 Interview A non Something by Raymond Cuypers The Act of Painting